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Shibboleth at the Tate Modern

Posted by gninja on October 11, 2007


A giant crack in the floor as the Tate Modern’s newest installation, by Columbian sculptor Doris Salcedo.

Quoted in the Guardian:

A spokeswoman for the Tate says firmly that it will never divulge how the piece – the eighth in its annual Unilever series of works commissioned specially for the Turbine Hall – was made. “The artist and Tate are not going into great detail other than to say we opened up the Turbine Hall floor in order to create a cavity,” a spokeswoman says. “The work was made with utmost precision according to drawings by the artist, and nothing was accidental.

I think this secrecy is great.  It challenges the viewer to question the artifice of the piece and focus instead on the natural world dominating the very domain of artifice.  This is what the Tate would look like in The World Without Us.

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