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Posted by gninja on November 4, 2007

Good interview with street artist Shepard Fairey.


The attitude towards capitalism that he expresses is one that I think characterizes the world view of a lot of late-20s to 30s types in America now.  People who were teens in the ’90s and rejected the gluttony of the Me Decade that preceded it, but who are now adults and understand how much it sucks to be broke.

According to Fairey:

Most street art makes that primary impression,” Shepard explains, “but Banksy is the first guy to realise how he can leverage secondary impressions through the media. There are a lot of guys who have been doing street art. They were known within their subculture, but only after the splash that Banksy has made have they been able to sell at art shows.

I’d like to think, though, that his comment about primary and secondary impressions is not just about being able to cash in on what was free before, but also about the ability of street artists now to make their audiences respond beyond the intitial “Cool”.

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