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Lempicka Gift

Posted by gninja on January 11, 2008

For [insert invernal holiday of your choice here], husband got me a painting of Tamara de Lempicka’s Girl with Gloves.


I’ve always found de Lempicka’s art appealing. If I weren’t focusing on medieval art, I’d definitely go in for Art Deco.

In any case, I thought I’d look her up in JSTOR to see what articles turned up. Surprisingly little. There are a few monographs on her and a handful of articles, but that’s about it. I wonder why. I will say, however, that I (ironically) like the title of this one: Matthias Thibaut, “Van Dyck für das Jazz Age.” I guess it works (she painted portraits of the elite), but my God, is it really necessary to make that comparison?

4 Responses to “Lempicka Gift”

  1. anna said

    why nothing more…because it makes sense??

  2. gninja said

    I don’t quite understand your comment on this one. Why nothing more from me? Mostly ’cause I was sick when I wrote this post.

  3. anna said

    no, i was just thinking about why not much more has been written on this artwork. by the way did you censor my comment?
    actually, a few monographs isn’t so bad, i’ve only been able to find one on uccello.

  4. gninja said

    I didn’t censor nuffin’. What happened? In any case, I don’t know why not much else has been published on her. The little I know of her is fascinating.

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