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News Links

With perhaps a touch of laziness on my part, I direct you to the links page on my husband’s website. Not only do we get most of our news from the same sources, but I also admire the way in which he has taken the time and made the effort to give a bit of narration rather than just plunk down a laundry list.

In addition to the news sources he mentions, I would like to add some of my own– all of local (read: NY) interest.

I often start my day with an easy glide into news and check out Gothamist. Part news-you-can-use, part odd sundries relating to NY life, it’s a nice way to keep abreast of local matters. For more a newsy source, I still go to the Village Voice. I overlook its bitchy tone when I have to. More snobbishly, the Observer has its own charms. NYPress is hit or miss.

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